"What is it, Mousse?"

"Shampoo! These people are insulting you! They're calling you a stupid bimbo! We've got to do something!!"

"Ai you! After I trick Ranma with instant nannichuan? What I need do to show I not stupid? Solve theory of quantum gravity?"

"Er, well, talking properly might help. Uh, that is, if you..."

"Mousse, you know how hard to learn foreign language. Think fanboys can speak Chinese? In correct grammar? I no think so."

"Well, yes... but they're calling you a bimbo! We have to do something to defend you honor!"

"Okay. I prove I not bimbo. What mean 'bimbo', Mousse?"

"Er, a woman who is easy. One who will sleep with anyone."

"Right. Now suppose we show one man who I not willing have sex with. One man who keep saying love me, talk nice, give flowers, do favors for me and what what else, but I never let get anywhere. That prove I not bimbo?"

"Shampoo! What a brilliant idea!! But where will we find a man like that?"

"Shampoo got idea, Mousse."

"That's great! If there's anything I can do to help...."

"Shampoo counting on you, Mousse!"