These are other Ranma 1/2 writers whose work I've read and enjoyed, listed in no particular order other than that in which they came to mind. Some of them don't have websites, or have ones that are missing a lot of their work, in which case I've linked to their page on the Ranma fanfiction wiki from which you should be able to track down everything they've published.

Krista Fisk (nee Perry)

Usually when a work is showered with accolades, you can figure that it's probably over-hyped. But Krista's signature work, Hearts On Of Ice, is as good as everyone says, and it's even finished to boot. Apart from that, she's got a number of miscellaneous stories plus a web comic, all of which are incomplete.

Grayson Towler

Grayson has only ever written one fanfiction, Relentless, but it's one of the best ones out there, with a gripping storline, excellent characterization, and expressive writing, and it's even completed. Grayson's currently trying to break into the market as a professionally published author. Look for his work; I know I will.

Mike Noakes

Mike's most notable work is the outstanding character drama Choices; this is the singular best vision I've seen of what it would really be like to go to high school with an aquatranssexual martial artist. He also has other works, notably Let The Curtain Fall which seems to be Lovecraftian horror. All of his work is worth reading, even though it will probably never be finished.

Reid Carson

Talk about low output. Reid only really has a couple of shorts to his credit, but they are superb. Elegy For A Golden Youth watches from the viewpoint of a secondary character as Ranma faces an unprecedented threat. The resolution is never explicit and sneaks up on the reader but makes perfect sense in the end. What Dreams May Come is a highly emotional story of what it's like to have one's life taken away and to have to hang onto it even when everyone tells you you're wrong.

Jed Bidwell

Jed was initially planning a fusion with Ranma as Spier-Man, but wisely ended up deciding that Gosunkugi would fit better in the role. I liked the results so much that I hosted them on my own site. He has other works that you can find on wiki page.

Allyn Yonge

Although Yonge (not his real name) has some notable weaknesses in his writing, like how he can't seem to come up with an antagonist who isn't the most despicable scum imaginable, he also has some good strengths, like a flair for strong conflict and expressive writing.

Vincent Seifert

Vince's tendency is toward the "warm and fuzzy," but usually with good humor and always with a good grasp of the characters. His Taming of the Horse followed by Centaur is a pretty much plain vanilla continuation and a good one, but even more interesting are his more off-beat works like A Man Among Women which may be the ultimate resolution of Ranma's fiancee problems, and Transitions which is a deathfic like no other.


Also known as Phil, real name unknown. His seminal work is An Awakening of Demons which stands as a quintessential example of the right way to power up Ranma and still keep things interesting. Influenced by Inu-Yasha, this was a large part of the inspiration for my own Invisible Shadows. Now if we could only find Kagami and make him finish this....

Megane 6.7

While Megane (real name Warren Casper, not Frank who is his father whose account he used to post under) has written fanfics of his own, he's principally known as one of the great fanfiction MSTers. In this capacity he's unearthed authors who've gone on to become infamous, like Oscar and Mike Rhea.

Kara Ohki (June Geraci)

A strong proponent of the Ranma/Akane relationship, June's work is unabashedly "warm and fuzzy." While her writing needs some work before it's as good as some of the heavy hitters on this list, it can be a good pick-me-up after too many darkfics. Breaking Free is probably her best.

Doug MacDougall

Doug's work is always filled with wit and good humor. He is also a fan artist and has sketched a layout of the Tendo home.

Keener Barnes

Keener's Suicide Blast is a frighteningly logical extension of Ryoga's Shishi Hokodan, based on Keener's own experience with depression. He has other works ranging from the comic to the tragic.

Richard Lawson

Richard was one of the first to take Ranma fanfiction in the direction of serious character drama, and to do it well. His Thy Inward Love is a plain vanilla continuation, followed by its "next generation" sequel Magic. Thy Outward Part is a less conventional continuation while Roses of Shadow is an Alt Univ Ranma/Kodachi matchup. Not all of his stories are on his site so check his Wiki page for more.

DB Sommer

DB has written a wealth of material. The title character in his first work, Shampoo 1/2, could be called a Mary Sue, but the story offers comedy and drama more than enough to make it work despite this. He also has an ongoing Ranma/Avengers fusion and much more (see his wiki page for some more recent stuff that's not on the other site).

Bridget Wilde (nee Engman) and J. Austin Wilde

The Wildes both started writing Ranma fanfiction before they met and got married. Both are reliably good writers who seem to have particular interests in historical fiction (see Bridget's Monogatari and Jamie's Ruler of the Raging Main), but have done much more ranging from murder mystery (Jamie's Stigma) to off-the-wall antics (Bridget's Muppet Show Tribute to Anime!).

H. K. (Bert) Miller

Bert, like me, is someone who learned to write by doing fanfics. His Much Ado About Ranma, besides being interesting in its own right, is a good illustration of the growth of an author which you can see by comparing the older installments to the newer ones.

Stiffanie Junne Go (nee Flores)

Stiffanie's work ranges from the happy to the tragic, but always Ranma/Akane and always with a strong romantic feel.

Thomas Schmidt

A skilled writer serious about his craft, Thomas unfortunately didn't write Ranma fanfiction for long, but the output he did create stands as a good example of how to get it right. His best work is probably (They Shall Be) One Flesh. (Note: Because his web site was moved without changing the chapter links, you may need to replace with in URLs in order to view his individual chapters.)

Scott K. "SKJAM!" Jamison

A fanfiction veteran who among other things invented the revengefic, Scott has no definitive epic to his name but a wealth of short to mid-length works that are frequently clever and always worth reading.

Nick Leifker

I've had some serious disagreements with Nick over characterization, but I do admire his ability to write evocative prose.

Mike Loader and Alan Harnum

Mike started out doing comedy fics before my time, but has written a vast variety of other material. His Ill Met By Starlight is a great example of how to do Alt Universe stories the right way. He also created another famous character, the "Tybalt" persona under which the FFML moderators operated for several years. Alan, my co-moderator on FFML for a number of years, writes superbly evocative prose; his most notable work is the epic fantasy Waters Under Earth.

Donny Cheng

Donny specializes in non-canonical matchups, pairing Ranma off with someone other than Akane. He does this with considerably better taste than most, always doing his best to treat everyone fairly.