Fanfiction is stories written by fans of a particular author or series, based on characters and situations from that series. It is always not for profit, stories written by fans and posted for free on the Internet for the enjoyment of other fans.

During the late 1990s I wrote a lot of fanfiction based on Ranma 1/2 by Rumiko Takahashi. Family, work, and other responsibilities have mostly taken me away from this, though I still get back to it occasionally.
Miscellaneous Shorts
A Name To Agree On
Pantyhose wants Happosai to give him a new name. But which one?

Jusenkyo curses are communicable?

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Hiroshi and Daisuke
The Guide To Writing Really, Really Good Fanfiction
Not credited to Hiroshi and Daisuke, but could've been (and will be if there's ever a second edition).

MSTing of A Demon's Delight, Parts 1-2 by Doug Murphy
Happosai teaches Akane a devastating new attack.

MSTing of A Demon's Delight, Part 3 by Doug Murphy
Continued from the last part, with guest MSTer Josh Stevens.

MSTing of Neko-Phobia Part 6 by Dave Eddy
A series in which Shampoo's Jusenkyo curse is transferred to Akane. In this particular chapter Ranma and Akane have to deal with their other suitors after having declared their love for each other.

MSTing of Awakenings and Journeys, Prologue by Jon Farber
Nabiki is attacked and discovers that she is a mage.

MSTing of Kasumi's Little Secret Parts 1-3 by A. J. Woo
Ranma catches Kasumi in the dojo doing something unexpected when she thinks no one is looking.

MSTing of Insignificant by Eric Adams
Ukyo is rejected by Ranma and goes out to meet other men.

MSTing of Wasurerarenai Part 14 by Emily Siazon
An alternate universe fic in which Akane has grown up with Shinnosuke, and must now choose between him and Ranma.

MSTing of Race to the End by Florencio de la Merced, Jr
The Nerima gang is involved in a most unusual contest.

MSTing of Ordinary, Part 3 by Donny Cheng
An unplanned encounter with Akane's friend Yuka changes Ranma's life forever.

MSTing of an excerpt from Mi Vida Loco by Edward Becerra
A space adventurer needs to enlist the aid of the "Lovely Angels," galactic police agents who specialize in property damage.

Fanboy's Delight
The first (but unfortunately not last) time that I let my MSTing team, Hiroshi and Daisuke, write a fic of their own.

MSTing of Incident at the Ucchan by "Ukyo Kuonji"
Ukyo is happy together with Ranma. Is this too good to be true?

Finishing Hearts of Ice
On April Fools day, the boys try to write a conclusion to the popular series by Krista Fisk (nee Perry).

Due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, Hiroshi and Daisuke are at it once more. This time, they set out to write a fanservice fic.

Fic We Can't Come Up With A Title For
Yet another H&D original.

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More Shorts
The Cooking Lesson
Akane, now married to Ranma, has to deal with bad cooking again -- but in an unexpected way.

A Vampire In Nerima
The Nekohanten is stalked by that most fearsome of undead creatures. Will Cologne come up with a plan to defeat it? Will Shampoo be able to drag her away from the television long enough to put it into effect?

Ranma Makes A Decision
Ranma announces to his fiancees that he's finally chosen.

Ryoga's Demon
A short (and serious) character piece; an "hour challenge" that, for once, I was actually able to finish in an hour.

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Even More Shorts
The Lifeboat Sketch
Ranma and company re-enact a sketch from Monty Python's Flying Circus.

I Can't
A different look at why Ranma can't give up one of his unwanted fiancees.

Posted in response to a challenge.

A silly thing in which the anime version of Ranma notices something about his female self.

I Told You So
I'll let this one speak for itself.

Ryoga Goes To New Jersey
The title says it all.

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Still More Shorts
Ukyo and Ryoga
These two are a lot of writers' favorite couple. What would it really be like if they were married? This won a Chicken Ball Award for best shortfic of 1997.

The Right Choice
A silly little satirical thing. Will Ranma make the Right Choice?

Revengefic No. 2: How Not To Be Seen
It's revenge season again, the time when animanga characters do nasty things to fanfiction authors. Who will show up this time?

Waking Up
A Halloween story. Ranma awakens in one of the places that he'd least expect (or want) to be.

A short conversation between Shampoo and Mousse, inspired when someone on the Fanfiction Mailing List called the former a "stupid bimbo."

Ranma and Friends
A silly thing in which someone unexpected shows up to help resolve the cast's relationships. This new, expanded version features a character I'd thought would never appear in one of my fics.

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Yet Yet Still Yet Still More Shorts
Ranma is Dead
A humorous take-off on "death of a character" stories. Audio version link TBA.

Barney Meets Azusa
Blame my nieces for this one.

The Bittern End
A short parody of a scene in a certain fic (you can guess which one from the title).

They Never Listen
Guess who's coming to Jusenkyo?

Akane the Psychotic Maniac
Another parody short, this one making fun of the way Akane is characterized in some fics.

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Early Shorts
Painful Revenge
My belated entry into the Fanfic Mailing List's collection of Revengefic stories. These all involve characters coming into the real world and taking revenge on fanfic authors for stories the characters didn't like being in.

Another Bad Crossover Idea
A short silly little thing. See if you can guess just what this is a crossover with before the end.

The Sign
Ranma looks for inspiration to help him decide whether or not to marry Akane.

The story of Ranma's meeting with a childhood friend, retold in song. You probably already know the tune.

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