Still More Shorts
Ukyo and Ryoga
These two are a lot of writers' favorite couple. What would it really be like if they were married? This won a Chicken Ball Award for best shortfic of 1997.

The Right Choice
A silly little satirical thing. Will Ranma make the Right Choice?

Revengefic No. 2: How Not To Be Seen
It's revenge season again, the time when animanga characters do nasty things to fanfiction authors. Who will show up this time?

Waking Up
A Halloween story. Ranma awakens in one of the places that he'd least expect (or want) to be.

A short conversation between Shampoo and Mousse, inspired when someone on the Fanfiction Mailing List called the former a "stupid bimbo."

Ranma and Friends
A silly thing in which someone unexpected shows up to help resolve the cast's relationships. This new, expanded version features a character I'd thought would never appear in one of my fics.

Some stuff from the last few months of 1997. At the time, fanfics that were really thinly veiled character arguments abounded, and much of this was a response to that in some form or other.

Ukyo and Ryoga: Lots of writers put these two together as a couple. In the original source, their entire relationship is based on an alliance of convenience with the goal of winning over their respective love interests of Ranma and Akane. So this story takes it to its logically absurd extreme.

The Right Choice: Meant as the ultimate character argument fic. When you're willing to distort characterization to the point where the people in the story act nothing like they did in the original, does it really matter who they are? Some people asked for permission to post this on their web sites with the generic character names filled in. That's called a spectacular missing of the point.

Revengefic No. 2: How Not To Be Seen: A more serious piece in which Kasumi from the HaM continuity somehow crosses dimensional lines and enacts a unique brand of revenge on your humble author. Based on the experience that I'm sure is familiar to just about any author of sending out material and seeing no response to it. So, respond to what you read. It doesn't cost you anything, and it may keep Kasumi from chasing down any more authors.

Waking Up: A halloween story which should speak for itself. Note where the word "four" occurs because this is significant.

Bimbo: A not-all-that-thinly veiled character argument, but I think a cogent one.

Ranma and Friends: The first part is a straightforward parody of "match 'em all up" stories. The second is just a bit of fluff with no real point.