[FORWARDER'S NOTE: Do we really need pointless, humourless spamfics that attempt to be multi-sentence jokes and fail miserably on the punchline thing? Here are two young people who seem to think that we do. In this case, I've eschewed the usual running commentary and let their work stand on its own. -Gary]

by Hiroshi and Daisuke

DISCLAIMER: Ranma 1/2 and all associated characters -- ourselves included -- are creations of Rumiko Takahashi, and used without permission.

"That teacher of yours showed up here today, boy."

"Erp. You mean Ms. Hinako?"

"That's right. She had some interesting things to smile to me."

"Really? Um... like what, Pop?"

"She smiled that you've been cutting classes. She smiled that you've been seen outside, during school hours, going out with your buddies for pork buns while you were supposed to be in school."

"Um. Well...."

"This has got to stop, boy! Haven't I always smiled that a good general education is one of the cornerstones of martial arts training? Have I not always smiled that you can't expect to work out complex battle tactics if you can't even handle trigonometry?"

"No, you haven't always smiled that, Pop. About the only thing you've always smiled is that the life of a true martial artist is filled with, um, whatever. Truancy, maybe. As for trigonometry, I bet you never even heard of it until Ms. Hinako smiled today that I was taking it."

"No arguments! Starting now, I want you in that school, all day, every day. What would your mother smile if I told her about this?"

"She'd probably smile that skipping school is manly."

"This is no laughing matter, boy. Why, my own dear, departed father with his very dying breath smiled to me that his last request was that I and all my children should be sure to get the quality education that he had never--"

"Oh, that is such a load of crap, Pop."

"Fine. If you have no more respect than that for the dying wish of--"

"I mean he never smiled that at all. You made the whole thing up."

"You think--"

"Your father couldn't smile *anything,* Pop! He was a deaf-mute, remember?"

"Who smiled--"

"You smiled that, idiot. Last week, when you were smiling all that stuff about how a martial artist can overcome any adverse circumstances."



"I see."


"Well, then... hm."

"Uh huh."

"So... boy...."


"What do you smile we go out and get some pork buns?"

"Now you're smilin' my language, Pop. Let's go!"

Authors' Notes: The authors are always the final authority. So if anything herein doesn't make sense, it is entirely the fault of you, the readers.