Hiroshi and Daisuke
The Guide To Writing Really, Really Good Fanfiction
Not credited to Hiroshi and Daisuke, but could've been (and will be if there's ever a second edition).

MSTing of A Demon's Delight, Parts 1-2 by Doug Murphy
Happosai teaches Akane a devastating new attack.

MSTing of A Demon's Delight, Part 3 by Doug Murphy
Continued from the last part, with guest MSTer Josh Stevens.

MSTing of Neko-Phobia Part 6 by Dave Eddy
A series in which Shampoo's Jusenkyo curse is transferred to Akane. In this particular chapter Ranma and Akane have to deal with their other suitors after having declared their love for each other.

MSTing of Awakenings and Journeys, Prologue by Jon Farber
Nabiki is attacked and discovers that she is a mage.

MSTing of Kasumi's Little Secret Parts 1-3 by A. J. Woo
Ranma catches Kasumi in the dojo doing something unexpected when she thinks no one is looking.

MSTing of Insignificant by Eric Adams
Ukyo is rejected by Ranma and goes out to meet other men.

MSTing of Wasurerarenai Part 14 by Emily Siazon
An alternate universe fic in which Akane has grown up with Shinnosuke, and must now choose between him and Ranma.

MSTing of Race to the End by Florencio de la Merced, Jr
The Nerima gang is involved in a most unusual contest.

MSTing of Ordinary, Part 3 by Donny Cheng
An unplanned encounter with Akane's friend Yuka changes Ranma's life forever.

MSTing of an excerpt from Mi Vida Loco by Edward Becerra
A space adventurer needs to enlist the aid of the "Lovely Angels," galactic police agents who specialize in property damage.

Fanboy's Delight
The first (but unfortunately not last) time that I let my MSTing team, Hiroshi and Daisuke, write a fic of their own.

MSTing of Incident at the Ucchan by "Ukyo Kuonji"
Ukyo is happy together with Ranma. Is this too good to be true?

Finishing Hearts of Ice
On April Fools day, the boys try to write a conclusion to the popular series by Krista Fisk (nee Perry).

Due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, Hiroshi and Daisuke are at it once more. This time, they set out to write a fanservice fic.

Fic We Can't Come Up With A Title For
Yet another H&D original.

For a MSTing team, all you really need are some characters who are capable of making smart-assed comments. I don't remember why I picked Hiroshi and Daisuke, but they certainly qualify. I had done a spam post on the FFML with them as Beavis and Butt-head, and maybe that had something to do with it.

The idea of H&D actually writing their own fanfics, mostly as a way of satirizing certain other authors' work, came later. The first one, Fanboy's Delight, was a response of sorts to something named Calling All Ukyo Fans that appeared on the FFML. When Megane 6.7 preread it, he predicted that they'd lead to a spate of "XXX writes a fanfic," and as it turned out he was absolutely right. The second was just a bit of silliness based on a target of opportunity with no real satirical point (Hearts of Ice remains one of my all-time favorite fanfics). LCD was largely a response to Robert Haynie's Girl Days and its rather inexplicable popularity, though the short does go after other targets as well. H&D's preemptive response to criticism was more in line with Gregg Sharp, not Haynie who just tended to not hear such things. The last, untitled one came out of an argument over the FFML as to whether one ought to use the verb "smiled" to attribute dialog to a speaker, as in: "Pleased to meet you," she smiled. This is a short form of something like she said, smiling but when taken at face value it doesn't make a lot of sense — you can't smile a line of dialog. I, being very much on the negative side in this debate, wrote this piece as a way of taking the idea to an absurd conclusion.

I have of course used these guys in other stories, and have to often remind myself that they're not really the chuckleheads that I portray them as in these spamfics. In one case (The Master's Underthings) I deliberately did use this treatment of them for humor value.

The first post here, the GtRRGF, has of course nothing to do with Hiroshi and Daisuke, but it's in the same vein as their stuff so I threw it in. If I get around to doing a revision of it, it'll probably turn into Hiroshi and Daisuke's Guide to Really, Really Good Fanfiction.