[Gary arrives at the computer to see Hiroshi and Daisuke. The latter duo
are staring at a computer print-out.]

Gary: What'cha got there, guys?

Hiroshi: It's our new project. We're going to figure out who Tybalt is!

Gary: Really?

Daisuke: Yep! It's only a matter of time. We've already got it narrowed
down to eight hundred suspects.

Gary: Must've taken some impressive detective work.

Daisuke: You better believe it. It took a week of intense deliberation
for us to eliminate Dustin Goeller.

Gary: Hey, Don Ho is calling!

[the computer monitor activates, showing the office of the principal of

Principal: Aloha, Tiny Bubble-heads! Be guessin' what I got fo' ya!

Hiroshi: A fic to MST? It's been a while since we've done one of those.

Principal: Right on de firs' try, keiki! My assistant goan' bring it.
[looks around] Where dat wahine?

[Hinako enters the ofice]

Hinako: Here I am. Sorry I'm late. My poor little bunny rabbit died!

Principal: What from?

Hinako: I killed him. Just one of those things I couldn't help.

Principal: Um-hm. Send dese bruddas de fic, willya?

Hinako: Righty-o! [Pops a floppy into a drive; their image on Gary's
screen blanks and is then replaced by text...]

"Donny" wrote:

>This story is probably the conclusion to this series.
>There are MATURE themes in this story, you are advised.

H&D: YAY!!

>You can get previous chapters and other stories at my site.
>It's at http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Ginza/4537

>This story takes place after volume 38 of the manga. It draws ideas
>from both the anime and the manga.
Daisuke: Same as anything else Donny's written. How about an alternate
universe once in a while, just for variety?

> Yuka followed Ranma after school.

Hiroshi: o/~ Ranma had a little lamb... o/~

>She had a hard time trying to catch
>up to him. He then when into an alleyway.
Gary: You mean "went."
> She followed him in, only to
>stare at him face to face.
> "Oh, it's only you. I thought that it was Ryoga or someone following
> "That's right, it's only me." Yuka nervously scratched the back of her
> "Why were you following me?"
Daisuke: To challenge you! PREPARE TO DIE!!

> "I heard you the first time." It was Ranma's turn to look nervous.
>For all his bravado, Ranma was very insecure when it came to any type of
>intimacy. He groaned inwardly as he looked a Yuka. Why hadn't he

Gary: at Yuka

>noticed her infatuation before? She looked at him with the same eyes
>Shampoo and Ukyo looked at him with. For the first time in his life,
>Ranma decided to take a stand. He couldn't afford to drag another girl
>through his messed up life, especially someone that didn't know couldn't
>defend herself against the others. "No, Yuka. I won't go out on a date
>with you. I think you should go ask someone else. I don't have the
>same feelings for you."
> Yuka stared blankly at Ranma as her world came crashing down. "I... I
>understand. It was just a foolish crush. That's all it was. Can you
>do me a favor Ranma?"
> Ranma nodded. He would agree to anything. He just couldn't hurt her
Daisuke: "Could you take me to the nanniquan?"

> Yuka immediately latched on to Ranma with her lips. She poured her
>entire heart and soul in to the kiss. All her dreams where she kissed
>Ranma paled in comparison by far. A tear fell down her eye as she
>finally let go of Ranma. Her soul felt cleansed at finally getting her
>feelings out. She could still feel her love for him in her heart. It
>would be a long time before she could ever forget him. "I guess I was
>right the first time. You could never be my boyfriend." Yuka turned
>and left Ranma. "I love you Ranma." She whispered softly to herself.
> Ranma stared after her. He put a hand to his lips. "Maybe..."
Hiroshi: "... there'll be a sequel."

> * * * * *
>Ordinary: Part 3
Daisuke: Looks like he was right about that sequel!

Hiroshi: Just an Ordinary sequel, mind you.

> "Hehehe." Ranma didn't really feel like laughing, but it seemed to
>lighten Yuka's mood a bit. "Friends?"
Daisuke: (Yuka voice) "No thanks. I hate that show! Let's go watch

> Ranma tried his best to not let the boredom show on his face. This
>sucked. Akane and his other classmates wouldn't take no for an answer,

H&D: O.O

>so he was dragged to Sayuri's graduation party.

H&D: Oh.

> "Ranma, cheer up. You're not still angry we asked you not to show off
>your martial arts are you? Look, the other guys have a hard enough time
>trying to get dates without you attracting all the girls. Besides,
>you're making Daisuke and I look bad. Girls won't come near us with you
>having a face like that.

Gary: Yeah, right. I'm sure you guys got *hordes* of women before Ranma
showed up!

Daiskue: HEY! What makes you think we didn't?

Hiroshi: That's right! Anyway, we would've if it weren't for Kuno!

[H&D start to sulk]

>Have some punch, you'll feel better." Hiroshi
>gave Daisuke a sly wink as he handed Ranma a glass of their 'special'
>punch. Ranma would make a good test to see how strong the punch was now
>after they had added liberal amounts of alcohol to it.
> Daisuke gave Hiroshi a thumbs up. He poured all of the stuff they
>smuggled in to the drink. It was about time, Hiroshi decided to let
>Ranma have the first taste of their concoction.

Gary: This description is a bit repetitive. We're basically told the
same thing several times over.

> Ranma's glowering was
>not good their image.

Gary: Not good for their image.

>Why the heck Ranma was bored, Daisuke would never
>understand. They were graduating and would be seniors next year. That
>meant one very important thing. Freshman girls.

Gary: ... would be turning them down for dates.

Daisuke: So does that mean you have to run it in?!

> * * * * *
> "I'm going to kill them. I know it has to be Hiroshi and Daisuke.

Hiroshi: Sure, always blame us.

> Akane calmed down a bit at hearing that. True, Ranma ignored everyone
>at the party. You'd think she had sentenced him to death. Why couldn't
>he have fun like a normal person. You didn't have to fight or eat to
>have fun.

Daisuke: But it helps!

>"He probably left already. I wouldn't put it past him to
>sneak out after eating the food you allowed him to eat."
> "Yeah, probably. But, what should we do about Yuka?"
> "Let her sleep it off. Her parents will be angry if we bring her home
>in this state. Phone them and let them know she's staying the night."
> "Okay. My bedroom is just down that hall. She can sleep there while
>we go back to the party."
Gary: I think we know what's coming....

> Hiroshi and Daisuke bigsweated at Akane's words as they helped Ranma
>out of the washroom. Hiroshi looked at Daisuke. His friend was scared
>too. He turned his attention to the unconscious Ranma. He hadn't
>really thought about what Ranma would do. They stepped back inside the
>bath room and silently closed the door again.

Gary: "Bathroom" is one word.

> "What are we going to do? I remember that play. Anytime I mention it
>to Ranma he goes all moody on me. Akane will be angry if she finds out
>and that means Ranma will be too," Daisuke whispered nervously.
> "They don't have evidence that we did it. Let's just go back to the
>party and act like nothing happened. We'll tell Ranma when he wakes up
>that we don't know who did it. For now let just put him in one of these
>rooms to sleep it off."
Hiroshi: Um... that dialog didn't sound very natural.

Daisuke: Yeah, it reads more like the author explaining things to the
readers than the way we'd actually talk.

Gary: Hey, you guys are actually making relevant comments!

Daisuke: Well, this is US, y'know.

> "It's dark in here. Flip open the light switch," Hiroshi instructed
>Daisuke as he dragged Ranma inside.
> "Damn. It looks like it's blown a fuse."
> "Don't worry. I think I can make out where the bed is. Let's just
>drop him off and leave."
Hiroshi: Y'know, this is starting to feel a bit contrived....

Daisuke: On the other hand, this IS the Ranmaverse.

> "Sure. What trouble can he get to all by himself in this room. We'll

Gary: room? You need a question mark there.

> Ranma was barely aware of the presence of another person's tongue in
>his mouth. He looked with half-lidded eyes at the girl above him. It
>was Yuka. This dumb dream again. Why couldn't he get over that little
>kiss she gave him. He would not be pulled in again. He willed himself
>to push the girl away. Unfortunately this meant his hands came in
>contact with said girls front. Her very plushy front. Ranma gave up
>and went with the flow. If Kasumi asks, he'll just say Nabiki poured
>water over him again.
Gary: That last sentence should be past tense.

> * * * * *
> "Hiroshi, the party's over. Everyone's left. Don't you think you
>should be going to?" Sayuri asked Hiroshi as she started to clean up the

Hiroshi: Going to where?

Gary: She meant to say going too. BTW, since she gave his name, we don't
really need to be told who she's talking to.

>house a bit. Her parents were very strict on this. They only let her
>have a party while they were away if no liquor was involved and that she
>cleaned up after her friends.
Gary: if no liquor were involved, and if she

> Suddenly strangely afraid, Sayuri tried to find her voice. "Yuka was
>drunk also, when we put her in there. You don't think that something
>happened do you?"
> "What can two drunk people do?" Hiroshi wondered aloud.
> All four classmates raced to the door.
[G&H&D laugh]

> * * * * *
> Yuka and Ranma each frantically held onto their portion of the
>blanket. Yuka couldn't look into her classmates shock filled eyes. It

Gary: Classmate's

>was a wonder at how fast the human body could sober up when given the
>right incentive. "What happened? The last thing I remembered was the
>party and now I'm in bed with Ranma?"
Hiroshi: She's saying this out loud?

> Hiroshi and Daisuke looked at each other and nodded. They weren't bad
>boys despite how they acted sometimes and knew when to admit fault.

Daisuke: Of course we do! If something goes wrong, I have no qualms at
all about admitting that it's Hiroshi's fault!

Hiroshi: HEY!

> Yuka couldn't understand why the tears came. She willed herself to
>control the feelings, but they just overwhelmed her. She found the
>words easy to say as she Akane held her. "I'm sorry, Akane. I didn't

Gary: Take out "she"

> Love. Once, he had thought Yuka felt that way to him. Unlike his
>other suitors, Yuka accepted his rejection from the beginning. They met
>each other every day, being in the same class. Never did they do
>anything other than occasionally talk and share projects when Akane got
>mad at him. Has it really been a year since Yuka kissed him?
Gary: Had it really been

> Akane didn't know how to take Ranma's silence. Say something,
>anything. She couldn't stand the tension in the air.
> "I won't force her to do what she doesn't want too. Strange, isn't

Gary: doesn't want to.

> "A bad dream," Ranma agreed. He just wished that he could awaken from
Hiroshi: I think we all feel like that sometimes.

Gary: This was a nice scene. Ranma's reaction is surprisingly mild,
though. I can see him wanting to be responsible, but he seems to have
accepted the idea of marrying Yuka too easily -- unless the point is
that deep down he *wants* to marry her, which seems unlikely at this

Daisuke: You know, it's a miracle that Shampoo or Kodachi never managed
to get Ranma into bed. I think if either of them did, his reaction would
be a bit different.

Gary: True, but it's obvious in Yuka's case that she didn't set Ranma up
deliberately to take advantage of him.

> * * * * *
>Five weeks later...
> Yuka looked at the small little rod in her trembling hands.

Hiroshi: "Small little" is redundant, Besides, I would've thought
Ranma's would be...

Gary: No. Just... don't.

>It was
>positive. She turned to look at her two friends. Her composure must of

Gary: must have

>told them of the result better than words could ever have.
> "You're pregnant." It was a statement not a question. The words

Daisuke: Funny how often people seem to get pregnant just from having
sex one time.

Hiroshi: Yeah, but Gary does the same thing in his fics all the time.

Gary: Who asked you?!

>burned themselves into Akane's mind. She already knew what Ranma's
>response to this news would be. Despite his oftentimes less than honest
>ways of battle, Ranma did have honor. Funny how she could know certain
>facts about a person she claimed that she could care less of over the

Gary: could care less for

> Akane felt her cheeks flush with shame as soon as the waves of relief
>flooded through her. How could she be thinking about herself, when her
>friend was going through a forms of hell? Ranma won't be happy about

Daisuke: "A forms?" I dunno what it was supposed to say here, but I
don't think that was it.

> "The baby? You're thinking of keeping it and not getting married with
>the father? What about your dad?"

Hiroshi: (Yuka voice) Oh, he's already married!

> Nodoka sighed as she searched for another pillow and blanket for their
>new guest. At first she had been both shocked and pleased to find her
>son had done his manly duty and provided an heir to the Saotome family.

Hiroshi: Sounds like her, all right.

Daisuke: Yup. If Hiroshi were her son, a seppuku blade would be getting
drawn right about now...

Hiroshi: Hey!

> Nodoka felt sadness most of all for Akane. She knew that the did truly
>care for her son, but what would happened to their relationship with
>this development?
Gary: what would happen

> Cologne took alternating glances between her great-granddaughter and
>that fool of a man, Mousse. Upon delivering ramen to the Tendos,
>Shampoo learned the ugly truth of what happened between Ranma and a girl

Gary: Shampoo had learned

Hiroshi: And Cologne said, "Why didn't WE think of that?!"

> Ukyo just watched stonily as another person was turned away by
>Konatsu. She didn't not stop him as she knew that she was just not in
>the mood to create one of her okonomiakis. She was likely to cry if she
>saw one. They reminded her too much of Ranma. Despite Yuka's
>protestations of marriage to Ranma, she could not see it any future
>Ranma marrying her now.
Gary: That last sentence is messed up. I don't even know what it's
supposed to be.

> Yuka once longed seeing the kindness in Ranma's eyes. Now, she hated

Daisuke: I think that should be loved, not longed.

Hiroshi: 'Tis better to have loved and longed than... um, something.

>Two years later...
Hiroshi: Who's there?

Daisuke: Soun.

Hiroshi: Soun who?

Daisuke: Sounlikely to meet you here of all places!

> "Coming!" Yuka stood up and stretched a bit before going to answer the
>door. Sitting down all day working on the accounts made her butt feel
>sore. Probably a new student coming for registration, seeing as how
>classes won't be starting for another two hours. The two sensei's were

Gary: That should be "would be starting" and "senseis"

> Yuka ignored the feeling of jealousy that crept into her. It's been a

Gary: past tense. It had been a

> Yuka winced inwardly as she remembered the havoc created by Ranma's
>departure. There was no need to tell him about the near destruction of

Daisuke: That pretty much goes without saying.

> Yuka smiled at the thought of little Sayuri-chan. "I can't see why
>not. Her name is Sayuri. We've turned Nabiki's room into a nursery
>while she was away at college. You know where that is.

Hiroshi: (Ranma voice) The campus with all the big buildings, right?

> Nodoka peeked into the bedroom. Her son was still there holding
>Sayuri-chan. She thought of interrupting and telling him that it's been

Gary: that it had been

> Yuka searched her mind for what to say. He was leaving again so soon
>after he came back. "I just made some tea. Did you want a drink before
>you leave?"
Daisuke: (Yuka voice) Do you take one teaspoon of passion spice, or two?

> "Hehehe, I knew that. Just testing you. So, how are you're lessons
>coming along?" Ranma smiled as he knew that his daughter was doing very
>well. That tackle has some force underneath it. He had to give credit

Gary: tackle had some

> Her hands reflexively twisted the cold water tap another turn.
>Definitely needed that. Right after the birthday party, she would
>leave. She thought again of Yuka's robbery. Two days after the party.
Hiroshi: Y'know, that's a good observation. A cold shower has double the
normal effect on Ranma.

Daisuke: Maybe, but it's usually the other person you have to worry

> "Yeah, I guess." Ranma took a seat on a sofa and motioned Yuka to do
>the same. His mind wasn't really on Sayuri at the moment. Jeez, why
>couldn't Yuka where something else. The robe she was wearing was held
>precariously from opening by the single thin belt. This is her
>apartment, she could where anything she liked.
Gary: Both of those wheres should be wear.

> Yuka felt self conscious as a draft of air wafted into her robe as she
>sat down much too quickly. She thought she tied her robe a little
>tighter than that. She fought the urge to quickly cover her bosom. She
>wasn't a child anymore and she and Ranma were just platonic friends.
>Friends that just happened to have a child together.
Daisuke: Why can't I have any friends like that?

Gary: Beats me.

> "Keiichi? Oh, he and his girlfriend got married awhile back."
> "Oh."

Hiroshi: "... My Goddess!"

> "Don't say that. You're a wonderful woman. Any man that doesn't see
>that is blind. I'm surprised your haven't found someone yet. Why
>haven't you married some person yet."
Gary: Question mark.

> Yuka stared. He did have some feelings for her. An idea came to her
>just then. "Do you remember that request I made of you? I figured out
>over the years that I was cheated."
> "What!?" Ranma was indignant. Shampoo didn't seem to mind kissing
> "I should have asked for two kisses. I want my other one now." Yuka

Daisuke: One for each of your genders! Get some cold water!

Gary: Hey! Nobody would want to see that.

> Ranma froze as his arms became encircled around this wonderful naked
>woman in his arms. He felt her tongue slip into his mouth. Her breath
>was hot against his. He cursed as he felt his body responding. From
>the way she was hanging on him, pushing her off might be dangerous.
>Unfortunately, He lost valuable time to recollect himself as Yuka hands
>started roam about his body. By that time, it was too late to do

Gary: Correction: Unfortunately, he lost valuable time recollecting
himself as Yuka's hands started roaming about his body.

> Yuka yelped with surprise as Ranma suddenly lifted her off her feet.
>She was half afraid of being rejected once again. She was shocked to
>discover that she was not being dumped on her butt.

Daisuke: Rather, he had set her down head first.

>Rather, Ranma was
>carrying her and responding to her ministrations in kind. So elated was
>she, she didn't even notice herself on her bed until Ranma lied on top
>of her.

Hiroshi: I'm shocked! I thought he always told the truth!

Gary: It should say "lay" instead of "lied".

> "I'll get breakfast. You should have good meal before you leave," Yuka

Daisuke: Why Yuka talk like Shampoo?

Gary: Should be "have a good meal"

> Ranma smiled at Yuka's recovery. Maybe he would visit after six months
>this time.
> * * * * *
>Eleven years later...
Hiroshi: Guess he was wrong about the six months.

> Yuka smiled as she noticed Ranma standing outside her apartment.
>"Sayuri, can you put the groceries away. That's a good girl"
Gary: Question mark after away

> Yuka whirled around and faced Ranma. Her eyes already filling with

Daisuke: This sentence needing a verb.

> "YES!"
> Ranma found himself searching for his breath as Yuka gave him a glomp
>that was as strong as any that Shampoo ever gave him. Just as quickly

Gary: Shampoo had ever given him.

> The full implication of her mom's statement hit Sayuri. She pulled her
>mom into a fierce hug. "Mom, he asked you. He finally asked you."
Hiroshi: He asked her to the prom!

Daisuke: Too bad it was twenty years ago.

>The End. (maybe)

Hiroshi: If there's another sequel, would that mean it's extra Ordinary?

[computer screen blanks]

Gary: Any overall impressions, guys?

Daisuke: I liked the MATURE themes.

Hiroshi: Yeah, But why does Ranma get all the babes?

Gary: On the plus side, the concept is pretty believable as far as
Akane-doesn't-get-Ranma stories go.

Hiroshi: Biased, aren't we.

Gary: Yup. To his credit, Donny accomplishes this without turning Akane
into a one-dimensional maniac everytime she's around Ranma. But while
the overall story is a good one, the writing needs some work. In
particular, the way in which the encounter between Ranma and Yuka
occurred seemed contrived, and afterwards both Ranma and Akane accepted
far too easily the end of their relationship and the forcing of Ranma
into a life that wasn't his choice.

I'm not saying that these things couldn't have happened, but as written
the story doesn't make me suspend my disbelief on these things. Give it
some rewriting, and it'll be great.

Daisuke: Okay, all you readers out there who want a copy of this story,
visit the author's web site at http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Ginza/4537
or E-mail him at . Comments on this MST, or date
offers from eligible women, may be sent to us at .

Hiroshi: You know, we still haven't figured out who Tybalt is. Think it
could be Donny?

Daisuke: Could be. I'll put his name down. He's suspect #801!

Gary: What do you think, your Kahuna-ness?

[Principal's office appears on screen]

Principal: Now where dat assistant?

[Hinako walks into view, idly flipping a coin. She's in adult form.]

Principal: Where you been?

Hinako: Just showing some delinquents the error of their ways. I know a
few people who won't be spamming the FFML again anytime soon.

Principal: So DAT's what you been doin' in spare time! Anyway... until
next time, Papaya-breath!