"Why, hello, Nabiki! Welcome home!"

"Hi, Kasumi." Nabiki set her school books on the table. She noticed a hand-written note sitting there. "What's this?"

"Oh, Kodachi Kuno dropped that off for Ranma. It's so nice that he has so many good friends!"

Nabiki picked up the letter, and read.

Darling Ranma, at last I have come to know the truth about you.

Amazing, Nabiki thought. Figured it out after only two years. And they say Kunos are dense! She continued reading.

Finally do I understand the shyness with which you behaved towards me. Rest assured, Ranma-sama, that it matters not to me. Man or woman, the Black Rose would have you for her own. Come to me!

Nabiki grinned. "Ranma thinks he's had troubles before! Now both Kunos will be after him while he's a girl."

"Oh my, I suppose so!" Kasumi said absently as she sliced vegetables.

Nabiki noticed that there was more on the back of the note.

To the Tendo family. I realize that your Akane wishes to have darling Ranma all to herself. Nevertheless, should you decide to deliver Ranma to me instead, the Black Rose will make it worth your while.

Nabiki's eyes bulged as she stared at the paper. Kodachi was offering to pay... that much?!


Nabiki came back downstairs, heading for the front door.

"Oh my!" Kasumi said. "Where are you going with that pig-tailed wig?"

"Uh... a costume party. Don't wait up!"