Even More Shorts
The Lifeboat Sketch
Ranma and company re-enact a sketch from Monty Python's Flying Circus.

I Can't
A different look at why Ranma can't give up one of his unwanted fiancees.

Posted in response to a challenge.

A silly thing in which the anime version of Ranma notices something about his female self.

I Told You So
I'll let this one speak for itself.

Ryoga Goes To New Jersey
The title says it all.

Stuff from '98 and '99, some with a point to make and some just silly. During this time, career concerns took over my life as I transitioned from teacher training to computer programming and eventually got a job doing the latter. So my fanfiction output slowed down considerably.

The Lifeboat Sketch: Ranma and friends re-enact a Monty Python sketch. No real meaning here, but it fit too well not to do.

I Can't: Came out of an idea by author David Johnston during a character debate on an email list. Longtime readers will recognize a scene from my older story Lost which I cannibalized for this one.

Nabiki/KodachiMy response to somebody's challenge to write a story in which these two were a couple. I didn't even remember doing this until I saw it listed on the Ranma Fanfiction Wiki as one of my works. Note that I paired these two up again only a few months later in Tangled Web.

Redhead: Those who've seen my posts on the FFML know that one of my major pet peeves is writers who describe (female) Ranma as "the redhead." For one thing, there are other more creative aspects of a character you can describe besides hair colors. (I'm reminded of a Mad Magazine parody of Archie Comics, in which Betty and Veronica are drawn as absolutely identical except for their hair colors, while Archie goes on about how much more attractive one is than the other.) For another, those hair colors make no sense for the story. The characteristics of Ranma's female form derive from his own genes, which are Japanese, and/or those of the girl who drowned at Jusenkyo, who it's safe to assume was Chinese. And Ranma is the only one drawn with that color, yet he can change his clothes or just turn his back and have people not recognize him. Clearly even in the TV adaptation, the hair colors are an artifact of the drawing style, not something to be taken seriously as part of the story. But if we do take them seriously, then why not other aspects of the drawing style as well?

I Told You So: Another character argument with a fic wrapped around it.

Ryoga Goes To New Jersey: Just a bit of fun inspired by some creative misspellings of the Lost Boy's signature attack.