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A Ranma 1/2 Anime Spamfic
by Gary Kleppe

Standard disclaimer applies


Akane came rushing up the stairs, tensed for battle. She saw Ranma in the bathroom, staring at his female body in the mirror.

"Ranma, what is it?"

"It's the new mirror that Kasumi installed. But that's not important right now." He continued before she could pound him. "Akane, look at me!"

She looked at his reflection, then at him. Nothing seemed out of place or unusual. There wasn't even a single blemish on his skin.

"Look at my hair!"

"What *about* your hair, Ranma?"

"It's red!"

"Um... so? You've always had red hair!"

"I have not!" he snapped back. "Look at all those pictures of me that we took on vacation. My hair's black like everyone else's!"

"Dummy! I mean that your hair is red when you're in girl form. You were a boy in all of those pictures. Haven't you ever looked at yourself in the mirror before as a girl?"

He stood thoughtfully for a moment. "Guess not. So how come nobody ever told me? How come Kuno never calls me his 'red-haired girl!?'" The last few words he said in an exaggerated imitation of the Blue Thunder's voice.

Akane shrugged. "It's not like it's our job to tell you what color your hair is, you know."

"This sucks! Nobody else has red hair! How'm I gonna go around in disguise?"

"You shouldn't be doing that anyway!"

He continued as if not having heard her. "How am I suppos'ta fool Ryoga or Happosai when my hair's a color that no one else has? To fall for that, they'd have to be unbeliveably...." He paused thoughtfully. "Well, okay, but it's still weird."

"Just go to bed, Ranma!" Akane turned to leave, and caught a sight of herself in the mirror. "Huh?" She stared closely at her face.

Ranma looked at Akane's reflection. "What?"

"My... my face! Look at it!"

"It looks the same as it always did, Akane."

"The eyes! They're huge!" She turned to Ranma. "Yours are the same way!"

Ranma stared at her, then looked into the mirror. "You're right! Why didn't we ever notice that before?"

Akane yelled out, "Dad!"

Soun Tendo peeked his head around the door. "Yes?"

"He's got 'em too!" Ranma observed.

"Dad, why do we all have these huge eyes?"

"I guess you were bound to notice it someday," Soun began somberly. "The story began with your great-grandfather, on a planet many light-years away...."

Well, it WOULD explain a lot...