[Scene: Barney on stage with his four little kids.]

Barney: Hi, kids! Hyuk hyuk Today we have a very special guest! Hyuk Please welcome skating sensation Azusa Shiratori hyuk hyuk!

[Enter Azusa]

Azusa: Hello!

Barney: Azusa is here to teach us about sharing! Kids, it's twice the fun when you share with others hyuk hyuk! For example, this Barney doll, that your mom and dad can order from us for only...

Azusa: Bernadette! [grabs doll] Oh, you're so cute!!

Barney: Maybe Azusa hyuk hyuk would like to share that Barney doll with some of our friends here?

Azusa: No!! Bernadette is mine!

Barney: Well, I've got something to share with you, Azusa! This pair of hyuk hyuk Barney roller skates! Available from the Barney Shopping Network's toll free number...

Azusa: I've got something to share with you, Mister Dinosaur!

Barney: Why, that's wonderful! I'll sing a song about it hyuk hyuk! What is it?

Azusa: It's Azusa's hot water kettle!

Barney: Oh no!!

[The picture is replaced by a 'Please Stand By" screen as the water is heard splashing.]

One of the kids' voice: Look! Barney's got a --

Announcer's voice: (bad Chinese accent) Spring of drowned purple dinosaur. Very tragic story.