Yet Yet Still Yet Still More Shorts
Ranma is Dead
A humorous take-off on "death of a character" stories. Audio version link TBA.

Barney Meets Azusa
Blame my nieces for this one.

The Bittern End
A short parody of a scene in a certain fic (you can guess which one from the title).

They Never Listen
Guess who's coming to Jusenkyo?

Akane the Psychotic Maniac
Another parody short, this one making fun of the way Akane is characterized in some fics.

Here we go with some stuff from 1997. Most but not all of it was influenced by the controversial fanfic The Bitter End by James "Zen" Bateman.

One item here that had nothing to do with TBE (and in fact predates it) is Ranma is Dead. This is a straightforward spoof of "death of a character" stories. Typically these stories showcase the rest of the cast's grief at losing a loved one. So, what if Ranma died, and they just carried on as usual? This has the honor of being the only fanfic adapted for audio by Fanfic Radioplay Productions. (Okay, there was one other, Nerima Home Companion by "Ukyo Kuonji," but that one is just a monologue.) In the audio for RiD you can hear the voices of a number of well-known authors, including Krista Perry (who actually plays three parts), Alan Harnum, Donny Cheng, and KaraOhki.

So which fics were the result of TBE? The Bittern End is a straightforward spoof of a scene in TBE, whereas Akane the Psychotic Maniac is a more biting satire on how that character is portrayed in some fanfics (TBE being one example but hardly the worst of them and actually displaying a lot more class than the imitators that followed). Barney Meets Azusa, while not really related, was my response to someone's stated desire to read a bit of fluff after the heaviness of TBE.

The remaining item in this grouping, They Never Listen, is based on the first storyline in Ranma Volume 32, the appearance of Rouge. It was commonly believed at the time that the story showed a statue of the demon Ashura used to create the pool that gave Rouge her other form. Translations that have become available since then — see here for example — do not seem to bear this out. But in any case, Gosunkugi in the story believed it and tried to do something similar.