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My Fanfiction

I've written some fanfiction based on certain Japanese manga. They are presented here, free for your enjoyment. I've put a lot of work into these stories. Please and let me know what you think of them! Tell me what you liked so I'll do it again, what you didn't like so I can avoid it next time. Any honest reaction is valuable, whether you liked the stories or not. Feedback from readers like you is the only reward I get for doing this, so please write.

My longest series, Hearts and Minds, has its own section. The other fanfictions on this page are sorted into four categories: Major Ranma fics,Ranma shortfics, non-Ranma fics, andCollaborations.

Fan Art submissions based on these stories are always very welcome.

There was a poll that ran on this site for a year, in which readers could vote for their favorites among these fics. Here are theresults.

Hearts and Minds

This will probably be my longest series ever, a story taking place several years after the end of the Ranma 1/2 manga.

It starts in the Hearts and Minds Preludes, where Shampoo tries to gather everyone together to help her Amazon sisters in their time of need. What has everyone been doing in the meantime? The answers will surprise you. Each of the ten Preludes spotlights a different character or characters.

New: A series of super-nifty prelude pics by Ming. Click on a thumbnail clip below to view the full image.

  Some questions related to the preludes. See if you can guess the answers before you read the stories!
Prelude 1: Kuno Tatewaki "Home" (52 kb)
Prelude 2: Kuonji Ukyo "Name and Likeness" (32 kb)
Prelude 3: Kuno Kodachi "The Contest" (37 kb)
Prelude 4: Hibiki Ryoga and Unryu Akari "The Gift" (38 kb). A version of this story won the first-ever Church of Ryoga Fanfic Competition.
Prelude 5: Tendo Akane "Something Old, Something New" (38 kb).
Prelude 6: Shan Pu "Bie Liao" (29 kb)
Prelude 7: Mu Si "Reflections" (31 kb)
Prelude 8: Hikaru Gosunkugi "Courage" (49 kb)
Prelude 9: Tendo Kasumi and Tendo Nabiki "Someday" (54 kb)
Prelude 10: Saotome Ranma "Lili's Child" (84 kb)
And here's a bonus pic for Prelude 10.
Here's a bonus pic featuring Tsubasa. Maybe there'll be a side-story associated with it... someday.

I ran a poll for readers to vote on their favorite preludes. Here are the finalresults.

There is also A Different Faith. I wrote this story for the "Ranma Preludes," a multi-author project; but it also serves as a HaM side story, as it introduces characters and themes that will play a role in the main series.

The Preludes are followed by Hearts and Minds, in which the Ranma 1/2 crew fight to protect the Amazon village from deadly invaders. Ten chapters will be written; the following are currently available in draft form:

Bert Miller has written a HaM spoof in the same vein as Hiroshi and Daisuke's impromptu ending to Hearts of Ice (which can be found in the short fics section). Click here to read it, along with a response from H&D and myself.

Major Ranma Fanfics

There Goes the Neighborhood is a crossover between three of Rumiko Takahashi's manga series: Ranma 1/2, Maison Ikkoku, and the Mermaid Saga. Ranma moves in to Ikkoku under a false identity as bait to catch a serial killer. Script format, heavy on comedy until the end.Genre: Mostly original-flavor comedy. Status: Complete.
She Knows? After Akane fails to spot obvious evidence that P-Chan is really Ryoga, Ranma starts to wonder if she hasn't been playing dumb all along.Genre: Comedy. Status: Complete.
A Peaceful Life is an alternate universe Ranma 1/2 story. Who's that who's married to Ranma in the future? Oh my! It's Kasumi! How did that happen?Genre: Alternate Universe; mostly serious. Status: Complete. A review of this story is on Taleswapper's Page.
Lost is a grim and gritty urban tale. One of the Ranma 1/2 regulars (not Ryoga) becomes seperated from the others in a place far from home. A dark story but with a more or less happy ending. Mature subject matter warning!Genre: Gritty, serious urban drama. Status: Complete.
Pools of Horror is a sequel to the story Cursed byRichard Lawson. Ranma has been completely taken over by the consciousness of the girl who drowned at Jusenkyo all those years ago. Can he be saved? If so, what will be the cost? And weren't there other people with Jusenkyo curses?Genre: Horror/suspense story; basically serious but with a good amount of comic relief. Status: Complete.

Megamisama, Masaka? A parody of Otaku Self-insertion fics. An anime fan is sent by a Goddess into the Ranma 1/2 universe, but things there don't quite go as planned.Genre: Comedy; Parody of "Otakufics". Status: Complete.

Cat's Prey (51 kb) Ranma is stuck in his "cat fist," and nothing Akane does seems to help him. Who or what is responsible, and is there anything she can do to save him?Genre: Dark/horror story. Status: Complete. Another author is working on a sequel.

Tangled Web (37 kb) Are things in Nerima what they seem? This story suggests that there are things going on behind the scenes that we don't know about.Genre: Not meant to be taken seriously. Status: Complete.

Art by Bridget Wilde. Click on the image to view a larger scan of this super-cool picture.
I Dream of Ranma What if... Ranma had fallen into the Spring of Drowned Genie? While in female form, any wish he hears is fulfilled -- but all wishes are undone when he goes back into male form. Genre: Mostly comedy. Status: In progress. There's another story (by a different author) that features Ranma as a genie; to go to its page, click here. If you want to read more fics about genies, try the Virtually Jeannie page. Also check out another great Ranma-as-a-genie picture by Doug MacDougall.

The Ghost Prison (24 kb) A far future story. After Ranma and Akane have passed away, Ukyo finds herself at Jusenkyo. Genre: Serious. Status: Complete.

For a Dying Friend (54 kb) Ranma is stuck in female form, possibly for life. Is this the end of his relationship with Akane? And how will the other Nerimans react? Genre: Serious. Status: Draft.

Tenshi (42 kb) A shady character offers to help Ukyo eliminate her business competition -- but she has other ideas. Genre: Comedy. Status: Draft.

The Master's Underthings Happosai hashis underwear stolen. With guest appearances from Oh, My Goddess and a cameo from Maison Ikkoku.Genre: Comedy. Status: Draft.

Ranma Shortfics

These are works that I finished in a few hours or so each. Many (but not all) of them are satirical. All are complete unless otherwise indicated.

Painful Revenge was my belated entry into the Fanfic Mailing List's collection of Revengefic stories. These all involve characters coming into the real world and taking revenge on fanfic authors for stories the characters didn't like being in. (13 kb)

Another Bad Crossover Idea is a short silly little thing. See if you can guess just what this is a crossover with before the end. (8 kb)

The Sign is a very short Ranma 1/2 story. Ranma looks for inspiration to help him decide whether or not to marry Akane. (4 kb)

Ukyo is the story of Ranma's meeting with a childhood friend, retold in song. You probably already know the tune. (2 kb filksong)

Ranma Is Dead is a humorous take-off on "death of a character" stories. Ranma is dead. What a shame. Oh well. What's for lunch? (11 kb, script) This fic is being adapted into an audioplay by Fanfic Radio Play Productions.

Barney Meets Azusa: Can you say short and silly? (1 kb, script)

The Bittern End: A short parody of a scene in Zen's controversial fic. (2 kb)

They Never Listen: A short comedy. Guess who's coming to Jusenkyo? (6 kb)

Akane the Psychotic Maniac: Another parody short, this one making fun of the way Akane is characterized in some fics. (4 kb)

Ukyo and Ryoga: These two are a lot of writers' favorite couple. What would it really be like if they were married? This won a Chicken Ball Award for best shortfic of 1997. (3 kb)

The Right Choice: A silly little satirical thing. Will Ranma make the Right Choice? (7 kb, script)

How Not to Be Seen: It's revenge season again, the time when animanga characters do nasty things to fanfiction authors. Who will show up this time? (7 kb)

Waking Up: A Halloween story. Ranma awakens in one of the places that he'd least expect (or want) to be. (6 kb)

Bimbo: A short conversation between Shampoo and Mousse, inspired when someone on the Fanfiction Mailing List called the former a "stupid bimbo". (1 kb)

Ranma and Friends: A silly thing in which someone unexpected shows up to help reslove the cast's relationships. This new, expanded version features a character I'd thought would never appear in one of my fics. (10 kb)

The Lifeboat Sketch: Ranma and company re-enact a sketch from Monty Python's Flying Circus. (2 kb)

I Can't: A serious story that takes a different look at why Ranma can't give up one of his unwanted fiancees. (6 kb)

Redhead: A silly thing in which Ranma notices something about his female self. (3 kb)

I Told You So: I'll just let this one speak for itself. (4 kb)

Ryoga Goes to New Jersey: The title says it all. (3 kb)

Fanboy's Delight: The first (and hopefully last) time that I let my MSTing team, Hiroshi and Daisuke, write a fic of their own. (8 kb)

The Key: Another fic which needs no introduction. (1 kb)

Unusual Couple: Written to prove that no matter how original a character match-up is, the story might still suck. (4 kb)

The Fiancee Song: Sung to the tune of a certain little ditty about lumberjacks. Believe it or not, this one has nothing to do with cross-dressing or sex-changing. (2 kb)

Justice: With Ranma married to Akane, Ukyo travels to the legendary temple of the god of justice, asking that Ranma be forced to fulfill a promise. (8 kb)

Hiroshi and Daisuke Finish Hearts of Ice: On April Fools day, the Horny Duo try to write a conclusion to Krista Perry's popular series. (8 kb)

Moving On: With Ranma married to Akane, Ukyo decides it's time to move on. (5 kb)

The Conspiracy: Many fics have postulated a connection between Anime-Ranma and Lina Inverse from Slayers. But does it end there? (4 kb)

LCD: Due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, Hiroshi and Daisuke are at it once more. This time, they set out to write a fanservice fic. (8 kb)

The Cooking Lesson: Akane, now married to Ranma, has to deal with bad cooking again -- but in an unexpected way. A serious short story. (5 kb)

A Vampire In Nerima: The Nekohanten is stalked by that most fearsome of undead creatures. AH! AH! AH! Will Cologne come up with a plan to defeat it? Will Shampoo be able to drag her away from the television long enough to put it into effect?

Ranma Makes a Decision: Ranma announces to his fiancees that he's finally chosen.

Ryoga's Demon: A short (and serious) character piece; an "hour challenge" that, for once, I was actually able to finish in an hour.

Non-Ranma Fics

Dream Girls is an Urusei Yatsura story. It's short and dark, definitelynot a comedy. Who is Lum, and what does she really want with Ataru? Offers some very unusual answers to these questions. Genre: Dark. Status: Complete (I guess; I have no current plans to change or continue it). (5 kb)

Invisible Shadows: An Inu-Yasha story, also somewhat dark. Years after her adventures in the series, Kagome is locked up in an institute for the criminally insane. A reporter shows up to learn her story.


I enjoy getting together with other authors to work on fanfiction. Here are the results so far.

Quest For the Silly Spamfic is a collaboration between myself, Jim Nutley, and " Numbski" Shadwick. It is part animanga, part Monty Python, part author insertion, and all silly.Genre: Just plain silly. Status: Incomplete; may be continued someday, but probably not.

Final Embrace: A collaboration between myself andKeener Barnes. A dark story where one of the Ranma 1/2 characters has turned to evil. What will it take before Ranma is able to fight back against the one he loves?Genre: Dark. Status: Complete. (10 kb)

Modern Therapy: This one was written withMegane 6.7. At the insistence of their fathers, Ranma and Akane go for professional help. Is any relationship counselor in Tokyo up to this task?Genre: Comedy. Status: Draft, to be revised when we get around to it. (17 kb)

Kasumi's Syndrome: Kasumi's always kept her affliction secret from those outside her family. But one day, Ranma forgets to pick up her medicine from the drug store, and comedy ensues. A story conceived and started by Matt Posner, which I finished.Genre: Comedy. Status: Draft. (19 kb)

Puppy Love: Co-written with Yoiko. It's Ranma's wedding night. Why is Akane acting so strange? Genre: *ahem* Status: Draft. (11 kb)

Animals Also co-written with Yoiko (the title is a working one). Someone's found an amulet with the power to turn human beings into animals. Genre: Comedy. Status: Draft.

More to come... eventually....

I was one of many authors who contributed to Surreal Visions, a series of fanfic parodies based on RpM's "The Surreal World."

Another project I've been part of is the Ranma Preludes. This is a series of stories showing bits of the history of the various families in the Ranma 1/2 series. I did the one for the Shan family.

The FFIRC is home to many multiple-author projects, most of which I've taken part in:

MSTings of Ranma Fanfiction: Shonen Sunday Theater 3000

MSTings are reviews of fanfics in which the reviewer reads the fic and makes clever commentary along with one or more characters. Though obviously inspired by Mystery Science Theater 3000, a MSTing doesnot necessarily indicate that the story was bad.

My MSTings are a series that I call Shonen Sunday Theater 3000. I review fics along with Hiroshi and Daisuke, the young wise-cracking hormonally-challenged minor characters from Ranma 1/2. So far, I've MSTed the following stories.

  1. A Demon's Delight, Part 1-2 byDoug Murphy. Happosai teaches Akane a devastating new attack.
  2. A Demon's Delight, Part 3 by Doug Murphy. A continuation of the prevoius storyline. Josh Stevens helped out with this MSTing.
  3. Neko-Phobia, Part 6 by Dave Eddy. A series in which Shampoo's Jusenkyo curse is transferred to Akane. In this particular chapter Ranma and Akane have to deal with their other suitors after having declared their love for each other.
  4. Awakenings and Journeys, Prologue byJon Farber. Nabiki is attacked and discovers that she is a mage.
  5. Kasumi's Little Secret Parts 1-3 (I think) byA. J. Woo. Ranma catches Kasumi in the dojo doing something unexpected when she thinks no one is looking.
  6. Insignificant by Eric Adams. Ukyo is rejected by Ranma and goes out to meet other men.
  7. Wasurerarenai Part 14 by Emily Siazon. An alternate universe fic in which Akane has grown up with Shinnosuke, and must now choose between him and Ranma.
  8. Race to the End byFlorencio de la Merced, Jr. The Nerima gang is involved in a most unusual contest.
  9. Ordinary, Part 3 byDonny Cheng. An unplanned encounter with Akane's friend Yuka changes Ranma's life forever.
  10. An excerpt from Mi Vida Loco by Edward Becerra. A space adventurer needs to enlist the aid of the "Lovely Angels," galactic police agents who specialize in property damage.
  11. Incident at the Ucchan by "Ukyo Kuonji". Ukyo is happy together with Ranma. Is this too good to be true?

In addition to these, I've collaborated on several group MSTings with theFFIRC. I've also helped out with Megane 6.7's Mystery Science Theater 6.7.

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The FFML Map has a new owner, S. Zoogz "I am not SKJAM" Jamison," and a new home here.

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For more info on the FFML, check out:

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Also not to be missed is the Guide to Writing Really, Really Good Fanfiction, an enlightening document filled with valuable pearls of wisdom. If you feel you're not ready for this one yet, check out this essay on narrative POV.


Links related to American comics:

Anime/manga links:

  • The Ranma 1/2 project contains scanned and translated chapters of the series, free for your enjoyment. Some of them are done by me. (Link deleted. The main site has been taken down due to bandwidth problems, and the only other site I know of that currently carries it has such a poor connection that it's not even worth visiting. I'm hoping this appears somewhere else. I'll probably have my own Project chapters on this site at some point.)
  • The West of Tokyo Club's Ranma 1/2 FAQ is the best place I know of for detailed and comprehensive information on the series.
  • There are original drawings of characters from Ranma 1/2 and other series atLyn Daniel's Page. (The Ryoga/Akari pic at right is by Lyn.)
  • A Maison Ikkoku page
  • An InuYasha page

General fanfiction links:

  • The Anime Fan Works archive of anime-based fanfiction.
  • The Anime Web Turnpike is full of anime/manga links and information.
  • Rakhal's Penultimate Fanfic Index is a very comprehensive list of Ranma fanfics with summaries and annotative information.
  • carries a wide selection of fanfics of all types. (Be warned that the majority of what you'll find there is of very poor quality, and the reader reviews are nowhere near discriminating enough to help sort the good stuff from the junk.)
  • There are fanfiction links of all types atKaren Nicholas's Page.
  • AngCobra's Fanfic links site is home to still more fanfic links, if you don't mind the annoying pop-ups and other ads.

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