Final Fanfiction Poll Results -- 6/98

I ran a poll on my web site for a year, where readers were asked to vote among my fics for their favorites. Here's a quick tabular summary of the results. The numbers listed on the right are my own personal ranking of my fics, which as you can see doesn't always agree with the polled readers. Which is correct? Decide for yourself after you read the fics.
Poll RankingTitleMy Ranking
1Hearts and Minds1
2There Goes The Neighborhood2
3She Knows?7
4A Peaceful Life5
5Ranma is Dead8
6The Sign10
8Ukyo and Ryoga6
9Akane the Psychotic Maniac--
10Painful Revenge--
--Pools of Horror4
--Megami-sama, Masaka?9

The poll rankings were figured by giving 3 points for each first place vote, 2 for each second, and 1 for each 3rd. Keep in mind that this voting took place during 1997-98, when many of my more recent fics ("Cat's Prey" and everything following it) hadn't been written yet.

Here's those top ten vote-getters again, with my annotations:

  1. Hearts and Minds Preludes. This was the runaway favorite, and I have to agree that it's the best thing I've done so far. Trying to do something interesting with every one of the regular Ranma 1/2 characters was a challenge, but a lot of fun too, and I think this project more than any other really made my prose writing skill solidify. Right now I'm in the process of rewriting some of the preludes, and the main series is being worked on, really.
  2. There Goes the Neighborhood. My first-ever fic, done in script because at the time I couldn't write decent prose. I tried my best to do it in a true Takahashi-esque style, as a tribute to the great talent who gave us all these wonderful characters. I still have a soft spot for this fic, and it's one that I enjoy re-reading from time to time.
  3. She Knows? I wouldn't have rated this one quite so highly, but it was fun to write. A simple idea that I took and ran with as far as it would go.
  4. A Peaceful Life They say that the best writing comes out of personal experience. Maybe that explains why this story got more acclaim from the reviewers than any of my other early stuff. (Like many of us, I happen to live in uninteresting times myself.) It was also one of the few stories I've written from a first person perspective -- a technique I like to use, but which usually doesn't fit my story ideas.
  5. Ranma is Dead. There was a time when the fanfiction mailing list was full of deathfics -- tragic stories featuring a character having to come to grips with the death of his or her loved one. Having had my fill of these, I decided to parody them. The result was one of my better attempts at comedy.
  6. The Sign. I can't remember what inspired this, but I wrote it one morning in the space of an hour or two. A clever little thing, though I wouldn't have rated it this highly.
  7. Lost. The writing on this one is rough in spots, and it takes semi-gratuitous pot shots at some of the things I love to hate; still, this is one of my all-time favorites. A story of the pain that comes from learning that a loved one doesn't want to see you again -- and the joy of finding out that she didn't mean it. I'm surprised that this one placed so low.
  8. Ukyo and Ryoga. Another story that was conceived and written in an hour or two. When I thought of the idea, I just couldn't stop laughing. This was added to the mix relatively late in the polling, and probably would've scored higher otherwise.
  9. Akane the Psychotic Maniac. A hard-biting parody, attacking some of the more moronic fanfiction characterizations that were popular at the time (and still are, to some degree). People generally found it funny, though it was intended more to make a point -- which it does with all the subtlety of the title character's mallet -- than to amuse.
  10. Painful Revenge. Frankly, I've no idea why people voted for this one. I'd easily consider it the most pointless thing I've written. Go figure.

Now here's fics that (in my opinion) should have been on the list, but weren't: