I met him when my Pop had just been beat
He made me a challenge that I could eat, Okonom'yaki

I saw him next day at Furinkan
I remembered that I used to call him Ucchan
short for Ukyo
U-K-Y-O Ukyo U-U-U-U-Ukyo

I gotta say I don't remember why
My Pop had run away with his dad's yatai
Ukyo U-U-U-U-Ukyo

I'm not dumb but I can't understand
Why he ran after us when he had his own dad
Ukyo U-U-U-U-Ukyo U-U-U-U-Ukyo

Well, he said that I didn't understand
I told him just to be a man
He threw an okonomiyaki
It said "meet me behind the gym at three!"

Well I'm not the worlds most perceptive guy
But Ukyo was pissed and I couldn't tell why
Ukyo U-U-U-U-Ukyo U-U-U-U-Ukyo

We fought on a grill
He tried lots of tricks
I grabbed his big stick
And hit to his chest
Then I found out Ukyo had breasts

Well that's why Ukyo wanted to stay
but Pop already promised me to A-kan-e
Ukyo U-U-U-U-Ukyo
Ukyo covered up her feminity
Practiced cooking and fighting by the raging sea
Ukyo U-U-U-U-Ukyo U-U-U-U-Ukyo

Well I took Ukyo out of there quick
And gave her back her fighting stick
I told Ukyo that she really was cute
Right then Akane had to poke in her snoot

Well I'm not a guy who wants another girlfriend
But that's how it all turned out in the end with Ukyo
U-U-U-U-Ukyo U-U-U-U-Ukyo
Ukyo U-U-U-U-Ukyo U-U-U-U-Ukyo

Sung to the tune of "Lola" by the Kinks, in case you couldn't tell.
The story described is from the series Ranma 1/2; Volume 9 parts
5-7 of the original Japanese series, Part 5 stories 1-3 of the
Viz Comics translation. All Ranma 1/2 characters and stories are
the property of Rumiko Takahashi.