(Ryoga gets to the entrance to Maison Ikkoku.)

Ryoga: I actually made it! I'm here! ... Now which room is Ranma in?

(Cut to Yusaku at Soichiro's grave, holding the Mermaid's Heart crystal.)

Yusaku: That old lady said to concentrate on the crystal and it would work. Okay, Soichiro, old buddy. Looks like you win after all. Funny losing out to a dead guy. I finally get to see what you look like. You better take good care of Kyoko, or I'll come and put you back where I found you, hear me? OK, come on, get out of there... (some passers-by stare at Yusaku as if he were crazy. Yusaku concentrates, but nothing happens) GET OUT HERE, YOU JERK! DO I HAVE TO DIG YOU UP MYSELF?!?

(By some enormous coincidence, Cologne shows up at this moment. Yusaku gets a look at her and jumps back.)

Yusaku: Aaaaah! Soichiro, you're an ugly dried-up old mummy! I guess being buried for years did that to you? Or did you always... (Cologne hits him on the head with her staff) Ow!

Cologne: I'm not Soichiro, you idiot! I came because I remembered what I
forgot to tell you about the crystal.

Yusaku: And that was?

Cologne: The crystal is powered by the love of the one who holds it for the one he is trying to bring back. You cannot bring someone back using this crystal unless you truly love the person.

Yusaku: That wasn't a good thing to leave out! Anything else I should have known?

Cologne: No, that's it. I need to get back. (leaves)

Yusaku: Yeah, thanks a lot... old witch. (Cologne zips back, bops him on the head, then leaves again) I need to give this crystal to Kyoko, then. It comes down to who she really loves. If it's this guy, the crystal'll work for her. Or maybe it doesn't work at all, and I'm being made a fool of. Well, it won't be the first time... (passers-by give him funny looks again)

(Back at Maison Ikkoku, Akemi is lying on her futon, reading an issue of Koushokupolitan magazine.)

Akemi: Let's see what's in this month's issue...

(Her door opens, and Ryoga steps forward.)

Ryoga: Ranma! I... (He realizes he's in the wrong place. He notices Akemi's state of [un]dress and gets very nervous.) Uh, ha ha! I guess I'm in the wrong room... you haven't seen a guy around here, have you? Or might be a girl? With a pigtail?

Akemi: Room two downstairs, handsome. (Ryoga exits clumsily) Come again.

(Meanwhile Kyoko is fixing herself a cup of tea.)

Kyoko: Now what should I wear for dinner? (She takes out some clothes.
She starts to change clothes as she drinks her tea...)

(Back in Akemi's room, Akemi is looking through her magazine.)

Akemi: Lets see... Living within your budget, by Chojo Maris... Azusa
Shiga's beauty secrets... What that man of yours really wants, by Ataru Moroboshi... this magazine's really gone downhill lately!

(Ryoga comes up to her doorway again)

Ryoga: Uh... heh heh... how do I get downstairs?

Akemi: Go down the stairs at the end of the corridor that way. (points) No, the other way. That's it!

Ryoga: Thanks.

Akemi: Any time. (to herself) Cute kid. About fifteen years too young, though.

(Yusaku returns to MI and heads into Kyoko's room, finding the door ajar. He notices that she was in the middle of changing clothes and is currently in her underwear. He cringes, expecting to get something thrown at him for barging in like this. But Kyoko has that trance-like look in her eyes...)

Kyoko: Come here, Yusaku...

Yusaku: Huh?

(Not bothering to cover herself up, Kyoko moves over to Yusaku. She grabs him and kisses him.)

Yusaku: <Maybe it's me she loves after all!>

(Kyoko comes out of the trance and is surprised to see Yusaku here.)

Kyoko: Yusaku? How dare you barge in here when I'm changing clothes! Get out!! (She looks for something to cover herself with and/or to throw at Yusaku, but he runs out first) What does he think he's doing? Is he on drugs?

(Back to Ranma's room. He's sitting around when he sees somebody watching from above.)

Ranma: Yotsuya?

(The figure jumps down at him. It looks like the lost soul that attacked Shampoo. It is carrying a big knife, which it swings at Ranma. Ranma dodges, using the creature's momentum to flip it into a wall.)

Ranma: (toward radio) Akane! It's here!! Call everyone down here!


Ranma: Your killing days are over, pal!

(Ranma launches a series of rapid fire kick attacks against various well-chosen spots. The impact knocks the lost soul into the room's door, knocking it off its hinges. The lost soul moves out of the doorway out of Ranma's view.)

Ranma: Come back here!

(Ranma steps outside but does not see the lost soul. It is above him, on the ceiling. It jumps down, grabbing him by surprise and by the neck. Its knife moves toward Ranma's neck. Yusaku comes down the corridor at this moment. He sees what's going on.)

Yusaku: Oh my god... that's the...

(He looks around for something to fight with, and sees the fire extinguisher. In desperation, he sprays fire foam on the lost soul. It doesn't seem to be harmed, but it is distracted enough for Ranma to kick free of its grip. Ranma launches another flurry of kick attacks, as Ryoga comes up behind the lost soul.)

Ryoga: Ranma? What are you doing here?

Ranma: Ryoga? This thing is a killer! It's already killed four women! Help
me stop it!

Ryoga: Huh?

(The lost soul grabs Ryoga in his moment of confusion, and throws him into Ranma. They tumble down the corridor and land at the building entrance.)

Ranma: Ryoga, watch the entrance in case the thing tries to escape. Don't let anyone leave the building. I'm going after it.

Ryoga: Right. But where is the entrance?

Ranma: Right here, you moron!!

(Ranma runs back inside. Akane arrives, carrying a big knife, and runs past Ryoga after Ranma. Yusaku is there.)

Yusaku: He went up the stairs. Follow the trail of fire foam.

Ranma: Akane, please go out and wait for the others.

Akane: No way! You're wasting time, come on!

(They go upstairs to find Yusaku's door open. They go in. Yusaku is looking around in the corridor below when the lost soul bursts out of Ranma's room, grabs him, and throws him against a wall. Ranma and Akane see that the creature is not in Yusaku's room, and that the trail leads to the hole in the floor. They go down the hole to find a dazed Yusaku, along with Genma-panda and Soun who have just shown up. They've brought knives as well.)

Yusaku: It doubled back this way...

Soun: According to the books, the way to kill this monster is to cut off its head.

Ranma: Split up and search. He's gotta be here somewhere. (Soun and Genma-panda go out of the room) Akane, wait here with Yusaku. Please.

Akane: I'd only get in the way, is that what you're saying?

Ranma: No! I... It's just... if something happened to you... if you got hurt or...

(Akane is touched by Ranma's caring, but angry at his lack of confidence in her ability to take care of herself.)

Akane: Ranma...

(Her emotions fight for a moment, then anger is the winner.)

Akane: YOU'RE the one who's going to get HURT if you don't MOVE!!

(Suddenly hot water drips down from above onto Ranma. He goes male.)

Ranma: Ow! HOT!

(They look to see Yotsuya through the hole.)

Yotsuya: I surmised that you would be better able to fight this creature in your male form. I noticed this kettle that Mr. Godai had been heating up, presumably for this purpose. I wished to observe for myself the

(Ranma runs out. Akane seems to be getting an idea.)

Akane: Yusaku, you weren't the one who prepared that hot water, were you?

Yusaku: Huh? No, I don't know anything about it... Oh my god! Kyoko's in her room! (grabs one of the knives, runs out and down the corridor) If that thing gets its hands on her...

(Yusaku runs into Kyoko's room. The creature is there, with its hands around Kyoko's neck.)

Lost Soul: DIE, CHU MAI!

(Back in Ranma's room, Akane finds a bowl and fills it with water.)

Akane: ... That has to be the answer!

(She sticks the bowl in the microwave and turns it on.)

Akane: Can't boil water, can I, Ranma? We'll see...

(In Akemi's room, she's still reading her magazine.)

Akemi: Hey! Kosuku Hatanaka's "eat all you want and still lose weight" plan! That's more like it!

(Genma-panda looks in the room. Seeing her, he holds up a sign saying
"Pardon me!" and nervously exits.)

Akemi: It won't be the same around here when that girl leaves...

(Yusaku goes into a berserk frenzy, charging at the lost soul with his knife. His knife connects with the creature's neck, but it twists to avoid taking the full damage. It grabs Yusaku and throws him against the wall. Despite the impact, he is still able to get up. He prepares to attack again, but Ranma comes in first.)

Ranma: (yells) He's here! Everybody, quick!

(Akane hears this just as the microwave bell rings.)

Akane: <Finished! It worked! Though I heard you are only supposed to use metal dishes in the microwave. That idiot Ranma didn't have any. OW! The bowl is hot!>

(Ranma launches a couple of thousand rapid-fire punches and kicks at the lost soul. It staggers back and collapses. Yusaku looks at Kyoko and notices she's not moving.)

Yusaku: You KILLED KYOKO, you BASTARD!!!

(Yusaku comes at the lost soul with his knife. Unfortunately, the creature recovers at this instant, and Yusaku's skill and strength do not match his determination. A moment later it is the creature who has the knife, and it is up against Yusaku's throat.)

Lost soul: STAY BACK... OR HE DIES. (It starts backing toward the door, with Yusaku as a hostage)

Yusaku: Kill it! What are you waiting for!

(Akane is heard approaching through the corridor.)

Akane: Ranma!

(The lost soul turns to look. Instantly, Ranma grabs Yusaku away from the creature. But this gives it an opening at Ranma's throat. The creature tries to strangle Ranma, while he tries to pull its incredibly strong arms away from his neck. Akane comes up with her bowl of steaming water.)

Ranma: Akane, what are you doing? I'm already a guy!

Akane: And WHO said this was for YOU?!?

(Akane tosses the water.

Genma-panda and Soun show up. Looking in the room, they see Ranma grappling with a somewhat skinny-looking naked man. We recognise him as Yu Ren from the Prologue; he was also the repairman's assistant who we never really saw too well. Ranma easily pulls the now weak man off of him.)

Yu Ren: ... you're not Chu Mai, are you...

(Soun Tendo notices the fallen Kyoko and examines her. Yusaku goes to her.)

Yusaku: Kyoko! Is she...

Soun: Son, I'm sorry, there's nothing anyone can do. There's no pulse. The killer has claimed his final victim.

Yusaku: No!!! (He takes out the Mermaid's Heart crystal) I'm not going to let her die!

(He concentrates on the crystal. The red glow inside the crystal expands, enveloping Yusaku and Kyoko. It shortly fades, at which point Kyoko sits up. Yusaku is overjoyed, and collapses onto Kyoko. Everyone else is amazed.)

Kyoko: Yusaku!? What are you doing? (notices everyone else) What are all you people doing here?

Akane: You were attacked by a serial killer. We caught him. (Indicates Yu Ren)

Ranma: So what's your story? Why did you do what you did?

Yu Ren: I was in love with Chu Mai... we were supposed to elope together, to run away from China to Japan. I brought her some mermaid meat that I had managed to get. (We see flashback scenes showing what he is describing) She was just using me... She took the meat, tied me to a rock, and dropped me in a spring to drown. But then I started to change... I turned into that thing.

Akane: A Jusenkyo spring. Spring of drowned lost soul...

Genma: (now back in human form) Probably not drowned. A lost soul wouldn't need to breathe. It having been in the spring for a time would be enough.

Yu Ren: After that I couldn't think too clearly. I had to find Chu Mai and kill her for what she did.

Ranma: If she ate that mermaid junk she probably died right then and there.

(By this time, Ryoga has heard the excitement and makes his way toward Kyoko's room.)

Ranma: Akane, you figured out that he had a Jusenkyo curse?

Ryoga: (Listening outside room) <Are they talking about me?>

Akane: Hey, it was obvious! I mean, there were enough clues. <Actually I wasn't too sure until the end, but I'm not telling Ranma that!>

Ryoga: <NO! She's finally figured out that I'm P-Chan!>

Ranma: So, what the heck are we gonna do with the guy?

Akane: We ought to kill him, as far as I'm concerned! (Outside, Ryoga face-faults)

Soun: It's not up to us to be judge and jury. We'll turn him over to the police. They're already on their way.

Ryoga: <That's right, I slept with Akane against her will. They'll throw me in jail!> (He bursts in frantically) Akane! Please don't hate me, I was going to tell you!! (He faints)

Akane: What's HIS problem??

Yu Ren: It's true, isn't it... she was dead all the time. All those people...

Yusaku: You sick murderous psycho bastard... (picks up a knife) you're not killing anyone else, I'm gonna see to that.

Kyoko: Yusaku! NO!

Soun: Put the knife down, son. Don't do something you'll regret.

Yusaku: (advances toward Yu Ren) He killed Kyoko!!

Kyoko: He couldn't have!

Yusaku: (advances) Why not?

Kyoko: Because I'm still alive!

(This makes Yusaku hesitate. Ranma grabs him and makes him drop the knife. The knife lands on the floor right next to Yu Ren, who picks it up. At this time Nabiki enters with several Police officers.)

Ranma: Just drop it, pal. There's a lot more of us than you, and you can't turn into that monster now!

Yu Ren: All those people I killed... they were just innocent women!

Police: Put down the knife and come with us, sir.

Yu Ren: NO! (He stabs the knife right into his own heart and dies. Everyone is taken by surprise at this, but Nabiki is the first to recover.)

Nabiki: Well, that does simplify things. Officers, you heard this man admit to being the serial killer we were hired to catch. Do please forward a copy of your report on this case to the Tendo Dojo so we can collect our fee. I've got to be going!

Police: Well, she sure is unflappable.

Kyoko: Living among these people, it's not surprising.

Police: We've a few questions for the rest of you. This shouldn't take more than a few hours...

(Much later, Yu Ren is being buried by the local coroner. Ranma, Genma, and Ryoga look on.)

Ranma: ... and that's this guy's story.

Ryoga: So she doesn't know after all.

Ranma: Akane is gonna figure out who P-Chan is sooner or later you know, and she's not gonna be happy with either of us when she does.

Ryoga: Shut up, Ranma! It's your fault I change into P-Chan in the first place!

Ranma: Yeah, whatever... I hope they bury this guy deep. Hey, won't that mermaid stuff just bring him back to life?

Genma: He never actually ate any mermaid flesh, boy. His transformation was only due to the spring he was put into. He won't be able to regenerate in human form.

Ryoga: Spending his whole life out for revenge just because some girl dumped him into a cursed spring... what a waste. What an idiot.

(Ranma and Genma look at Ryoga until he realizes what he's just said. They then walk off. We pan down, getting an x-ray view of the ground, way down to where Yu Ren is buried. Suddenly, he moves.)

Yu Ren: <I'm alive!?! I came back to life! Must be because of the regenerative ability of that creature I turn into. This time I'll find Chu Mai and...> (struggles to move himself, but his human form is too weak to move the hard ground) <I can't move! Can't get any water to change! I'm trapped here forever! For all eternity!>