a Triple Takahashi Crossover
Gary Kleppe

This is a Ranma 1/2 / Maison Ikkoku crossover, with some elements of the Mermaid saga thrown in. I am not using any characters from the Mermaid books, just the existence of the mermaid flesh and its various possible effects. If you're not familiar with Ranma and/or MI, you should probably look over some of the web pages for these series for information on the characters. Don't worry if you don't know the Mermaid series, everything you need to know is explained in this story eventually.

The characters and backstory of Ranma 1/2, Maison Ikkoku, and the Mermaid series are the creations of and rightful property of Rumiko Takahashi. (The same goes for the characters from other Takahashi series and one-shots who make cameo appearances herein.)

This fanfic may be copied and redistributed freely, but it is not to be substantially altered or used for profit in any way. Comment, criticize, flame if you must, any response will be appreciated.


(The scene is somewhere in rural China. It is a desolate, mountainous area. A caption reads "Rural China, several months ago". A young man, somewhat thin in shabby peasant clothes, is standing as if waiting for something. He spots it, namely an ordinary-looking young woman. They run toward each other as if about to embrace each other. They have lovesick expressions on their faces.)

Man: Chu Mai!

Woman: Yu Ren! (They embrace and kiss each other.) {You came!}

Man: {Of course I did, darling. For you I'd go anywhere! You managed to get away from your parents?}

Woman: {It wasn't easy, darling.}

Man: {Your father never liked me. He said I was unstable and unreliable.}

Woman: {He'll never find us after we run away to Japan. Did you get it?}

(Yu Ren, the man, holds out a handful of a fishy substance.)

Yu Ren: {Here it is. Mermaid flesh! Eating this will make us immortal! It's genuine, I killed the mermaid myself.} (Chu Mai, the woman, picks up a large rock while Yu Ren isn't looking her way.) {We'll be together for all eternity! Just think of it! Our love will... } OOF!

(Yu Ren is hit forcefully with the rock from behind. He looks knocked out. Chu Mai's expression changes to a nasty smile.)

Chu Mai: {Nothing personal, "darling". I needed you to get the mermaid flesh, but I don't think I could stand being with you another hour, much less an eternity.} (While munching on the mermaid meat, she ties the rock to Yu Ren) {Now I'm going to Japan ALONE to live forever, while you're going to drown and die!}

(She drags him off to somewhere. He is obviously too dazed to resist. Our view leaves the two and pans over to see a nondescript looking man who is speaking to someone who we don't see.)

Man: Well, you just missed the prologue, and I'm afraid that's the only scene of this fanfic that's going to take place here. The rest of it will be back in Japan.

(We look over and see that it is Ryoga Hibiki with whom the man is speaking.)

Ryoga: You mean I walked all the way here for nothing?

Man: Sorry, all I can suggest is that you get back to Japan as quickly as possible. There are ten parts coming up, even you should be able to get there before the end. Or you could settle for this cameo.

Ryoga: Cameo?

Man: The one you're doing now.

Ryoga: No way! This is Kleppe's first fanfic, I'm going to be in it no matter what it takes! Which way back to Japan?

(The man points in a direction. Ryoga walks off in a perpendicular direction...)