(Cross-posted from the official Democratic Party of DuPage County blog:

Incumbent Forest Preserve President "D." Dewey Pierotti is very serious about keeping candidates from using our forest preserves for their own self-promotion:

As the general election nears, the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County would like to remind candidates and their supporters that its General Use Regulation Ordinance prohibits displaying, posting or distributing signs or promotional materials of any kind on District property without the written permission of its executive director, who, due to fairness issues and District policy, cannot authorize the placement of political signs.

All well and good. But there's a candidate out there who is blatantly disregarding "D." Dewey's policy and has his own name on signs at forest preserves throughout DuPage County.

"D." Dewey really ought to speak with the person whose name appears on that sign.

DuPage Republicans: Spending your own money to do things that we don't allow you to do.