Pools of Horror

Picture by GK after Takahashi
A sequel to the story Cursed by Richard Lawson. Ranma has been completely taken over by the consciousness of the girl who drowned at Jusenkyo all those years ago. Can he be saved? If so, what will be the cost? And weren't there other people with Jusenkyo curses?

Lili's Story
Part 2: From Bad To Worse
Part 3: The Gathering
Part 4: Desperate Measures
Part 5: Sacrifice

As I said in the author's notes, this continues Cursed by Richard Lawson. That story has Ranma's mind taken over by that of the girl who drowned at Jusenkyo. When I read Richard's story I came up with the idea of the same thing happening to Pantyhose and Rouge. This seemed like a logical unexpected consequence of the premise, and appealed to me for other reasons. A lot of stories deal with Ranma growing by accepting a more "feminine" personality. That's fine, but there are situations in which that male aggressiveness comes in useful and a "feminized" Ranma could get into trouble without it. This is one of them.

I've had more requests from authors asking to continue this story than I have for anything else. My answer is pretty much always the same: You're welcome to continue it, but I probably won't endorse it as the continuation, meaning that someone else could come along and write another one and that would be just as valid. So far as I know none of the people who've started stories that took off from this one have never finished them.