More Shorts
The Cooking Lesson
Akane, now married to Ranma, has to deal with bad cooking again -- but in an unexpected way.

A Vampire In Nerima
The Nekohanten is stalked by that most fearsome of undead creatures. Will Cologne come up with a plan to defeat it? Will Shampoo be able to drag her away from the television long enough to put it into effect?

Ranma Makes A Decision
Ranma announces to his fiancees that he's finally chosen.

Ryoga's Demon
A short (and serious) character piece; an "hour challenge" that, for once, I was actually able to finish in an hour.

Shorts from 2000-2002. At this time I'd just moved to the Chicago area and started working full-time, so my output is anemic (but not yet the near zero of the later part of that decade in which I started a family). Most of these stories were done as One Hour Challenges, in which groups of us would write for an hour and then pass them around to comment on via IRC.

The Cooking Lesson: The subtext here is that when someone is producing inferior quality work, it's okay (and in fact a good thing) to let him or her know rather than just go on thinking that the work is okay. FFML subscribers will probably guess the real context in which this arose. (Perhaps ironically, this is not a particularly well-written story.)

A Vampire In Nerima: Just a bit of siliness.

Ranma Makes A Decision: A parody of sorts of Ranma Decides by an author who goes by Cyberdine. The only non-hourfic in this section.

Ryoga's Demon: A serious character piece.