Hearts and Minds
Ranma 1/2 crew fight to protect the Amazon village from deadly invaders. Ten chapters will be written; the following are currently available in draft form.

Side Story: A Different Faith
This was my entry in the multi-author Ranma Preludes series. It introduces Shan Pu's mother, Ke Lashi, and some plot elements that play a role in HaM.

Part 1
Ranma and friends gather to defend the Amazons against the threat of an invasion. But is it already too late?

Part 2
The Amazons are under military occupation. Ranma's group is on the way there, and Kasumi has a surprise that will help.

Part 3
The Amazons resist the invaders as the group from Nerima arrives. Ranma tries to figure out the source of Kodachi's new power.

Part 4
Ranma and friends commit sabotage against the Mongol army in order to lure them into a trap.

Part 5
Ranma's group sets out for Mongolia, but Zhen Biaozi is one step ahead of them.

Alielle and Fatora finish HaM
A Spamfic by Bert Miller, followed by a response from Hiroshi, Daisuke, and myself.

Part 6
Ranma's group tries to rescue Kasumi and Mu Si, while Nabiki and Elder Lan try to cure Shan Pu's new curse and Tatewaki tries to deal with the fact that her change might be permanent.

Part 7
The Golden Pair try to break into the Kuno house to save a friend. Ranma figures out why he's been weakened. Gosunkugi and Ti Pi attempt to retrieve a powerful Amazon artifact.

Part 8
Tsubasa visits Jusenkyo. Zhen Biaozi returns to the Amazon village. Nabiki finds evidence that one of the group might have betrayed the others.

Part 9
Nabiki confronts the head of the company she works for while Kasumi looks into the future. Biaozi meets with the Amazon Elders as Ranma confronts the person who betrayed the group.

Part 10
Hikaru and Mu Si try to stop Zhen Biaozi from taking over the Amazon village. Meanwhile, Ranma's group confronts the power behind the new Mongol regime.

Omake and Author Notes