A shady character offers to help Ukyo eliminate her business competition — but she has other ideas.

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The name P. Tenshi is a Japanese play on words. "Tenshi" means "angel," but "petenshi" means "swindler, imposter, crook."

This story, in large part, lampoons the work of James "Zen" Bateman. The middle bit about the school play has echoes of Long and Winding Road and the later stuff with the fake psychiatrist is a rather more obvious spoof of Bitter End. Nothing personal against Zen here. I've met him at several anime conventions and had discussions with him via email. He's always struck me as a very nice guy. I also think he's got enormous talent as a writer. So why does most of what he writes come off as an informercial for why Ukyo is the best fiancee? Certainly the character Tenshi does not represent Zen in any way, shape, or form. They may do similar things, but for vastly different reasons. Also, when Tenshi is putting on his cheesy German accent, he says "zen" for "then." I will swear on Happosai's entire collection that this was just a coincidence and I was not, as some thought, deliberately working Zen's name into this as some sort of knock against him.

As you can expect, the Ukyo fanboy brigades weren't happy with this one. Some of them got together and wrote a response which the interested can read here. I normally try to read and answer any responses to what I write, but this one was so snotty that I only made it part-way through. (I note that the "Evil Commentary Bureau" apparently did not exist before nor after their comments on this story. At least there's no record of them posting anything on the FFML under this name other than this response.)